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Laptop Repair Service

problem: Window running slow? your laptop/computer may infect by virus or the hard disk have been degrade over year or hard disk got bad sector. you have to repair fast else you will loose your important data in the hard disk and it will cost you a lot of money to recover the data.

solution: changing the hard disk if the laptop / computer is about 3-5 year old.

problem: laptop cannot power on/no power

troubleshoot: please double check the power plug, and adapter. is it any indication of power. sometime is power adapter faulty.

solution: you have to sent to us to check if non of above is working. replacement or repair need to be done to your motherboard.

problem: keyboard key is malfunction, some key is not show when typing / character is coming out by himself

solution: changing new keyboard

Window reformat/Installation (Walk in)  (1-2 days)

Laptop Motherboard Repair  (7-10 days)

DC Jack replacement (3 – 4 days)

Screen Replacement (Non-Touch) (7-10 days)

Battery Replacement (back order)

We not offer laptop casing, hinge broken repair.