We have the IT support Service you need

Having your IT support provided by one businesses partner is a great advantage – there’s just one port of call and we’ll get your problem or issue fixed. There’s no “it must be your software/telecoms/hardware provider – please contact them!”. With CLnet IT Support we’ll immediately take full responsibility for your entire IT system. This gives you efficient, quick, cost-effective IT support. Above all, it gives you complete peace of mind.

Business IT Support

For most businesses, IT is no longer just playing a supporting role – it now actually powers the business. Relying on several different IT support partners is no longer a reliable and efficient option. The majority of IT networks will consist of over 20 different hardware and software components. This mixture of complex and simple business applications are all underpinned by a range of servers, firewalls, PCs, laptops, routers, broadband and many other components. As a result, there can be a large degree of complexity in getting these different components to all work efficiently together.

With such a range of different elements involved, an effective IT support service can only be provided if there is expert knowledge of all of these components and the way in which they work together. we has that expert knowledge, and is the IT support partner of choice for a significant and growing.

Onsite Support

We will often recommend regular scheduled onsite visits by an engineer. These visits, at a frequency to suit your needs, put a human face to our helpdesk, and often result in higher productivity and a better relationship between your people and our IT function. Guidance for key software and processes can also be given during these onsite visits.

No more wondering where your IT support team is. With Thrive Onsite, you are assigned a highly experienced team of engineers dedicated to serving your business.

Managed Monitoring

Kaseya is an award winning remote monitoring and management system at the heart of all our managed support services. Kaseya enables us to access, monitor, manage, upgrade and fix networks remotely.

With Kaseya nothing goes unnoticed! When an issue is identified alerts are automatically sent to your helpdesk team for resolution. Not only does Kaseya provide complete system visibility, it also ensures system health through the remote application of fully tested software updates and patches without interrupting your daily operations.