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Computer Service

If your experiencing problems with your computer or notebook and don’t know what to do, why not give us a call and let us take the stress out of IT.

Our qualified Engineer will diagnose the problem and recommended a solution and confirm the cost element associated to the repair, with us you can rest assured that there will be NO hidden extra charges. Furthermore we will offer our advice on possible upgrade options to increase the performance of your computer or notebook.

Our service includes

  • Computer hardware and software diagnostics.
  • Data backup if applicable.
  • Software repair and upgrade.
  • Complete scan to remove viruses, online intruders and bad programs.
  • Updating your computer with the latest security patches.
  • Configuring your PC for optimal performance.
  • Installing the latest security software.
  • Hardware component replacement.
  • Notebook screen and hardware repair and replacement.

Computer Service

Health Check

  • Consultation to discuss any problems you may be experiencing.
  • Complete software and hardware diagnostic.
  • Check for hardware / software updates and apply them.
  • Install windows updates and security patches.
  • Complete virus and spyware scan and clean.
  • De-fragmentation and file clean up.
  • Computer valet, cleaning the inside and outside of your computer.
  • Advise on possible upgrade options.

Data Transfer

Take the stress out of setting up a new computer and let us handle it. No more reading through complicated instruction manuals and trying to make sense of computer jargon. We will have your computer setup and configured to your specifications, including all drivers and software.

If you’re upgrading or simply moving to a new computer why not let us handle your data transfer needs. We offer a complete backup and data transfer service ensuring your data is with you on your new computer.

Our service includes

  • Setting up and configuring your computer to optimize performance.
  • Securely transferring files and programs to your new computer.
  • Installing the latest anti-Virus, pop-up blocker and firewall software.
  • Installing common software applications.