Company Overview


Our Vision

This vision will be realized through our commitment to:

Earning Recognition as a Professional IT Support Company

We will deliver on all our promises in terms of quality, timeliness and value.

  •  We put our customer interest above all other considerations.
  •  We act ethically, always.

Earning Recognition as a Company of Professionals

  •  Our employees will be well-trained and properly motivated to provide the highest quality service in segments of the industry we choose to serve.

Our Key Function

Recognizing the need to deliver complete solutions for diverse requirements, we now assist our customers in all aspects of the IT projects:

  • from the planning and development phase to full implementation
  •  system documentation
  •  user education
  •  user assistance
  •  systems and network management
  •  system maintenance

Our Service Offerings

Our pursuit in delivering complete solutions has also resulted in the Offerings formation of several specialized service units, namely:

  • IT Support Services
  • Structured Data Cabling Division
  • Systems Integration & Solutions Division
  • Consulting and Professional Services
  • Project Management & Migration Services
  • Customer Services and Support

CLnet Solution has a comprehensive set of skills and experiences in implementing various projects and information Technology related solutions for the government and private sector.  As a result of this, CLnet Solution has developed skills in understanding work processes and protocols.

Our Team

Our products and services are backed by a team of dedicated and highly-skilled professionals.  This team is extensively trained in both product-knowledge and professional skills to provide the quality of service that our customers expect. Being imprinted as one of our mission, it is belief that enhancing our intellectual capital will increase value. Our focus therefore is to create a high performance culture which encourages people to reach their full potential and commit to excellence. To perpetuate this, we will continuously initiate comprehensive skills building programme to cover our whole business spectrum, including developing staff innovation and creativity to increase flexibility and adaptability in an ever-changing and challenging business environment.