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    There is a few company outside are subscribe to the unifi biz with voip service. Some of the customer is willing to buy their own router/firewall insist of using TM cheap scale router.

    The problem now is that the unifi voice ( phone number that comes with unifi package) doesnt work properly, it can only make outgoing call but no incoming call. The line always engage when someone call from outside. When you call TM helpline they will say this is not own router and they will not support you. For those who really like to use own router. I hope configuration below really helping you.

    I have try to do it with asus rt-ac1200g+ router. with this “Unifi-Business” profile selection, is will not going to work.

    you have need to configure manually.


    You must use manual setting, and setting as per below:

    1. internet: vlan 500
    2. voip: vlan 400 , this is for voip which connect to the unifi tm ATA unit.