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    Replacing Unifi Maxis Router with Fortinet

    Fortigate 40c with Unifi router/ maxis router


    1. For fortigate 40c, the GUI configuration are limited, so have to set it using CLI.

    2. Type following command to create sub-interface

    config system interface
    edit unifi
    set type vlan
    set vlanid 500
    set vdom root
    set interface wan1
    set allowaccess https

    * vlan 500 for unifi, vlan 621 for maxis

    3. After create the sub-interface. go to system -> network -> interface as you will see


    4. right click the sub-interface -> edit

    5. select pppoe, enter your username and password, save


    6. Go to policy, Create New

    7. set the policy as follow

    Incoming interface: internal

    source address: all

    outgoing interface: unifi/maxis

    destination address: all

    schedule: always

    service: all

    action: accept

    enable NAT