There is a lot of people have been sign up for the higher package plan for their internet home/business which is 500mbps/800mbps/1000mbps. But end up not satisfy with the speed which provider given. which some customer only get less than 400/500mbps for those plan. Before complaint to TM/Maxis/Time. Please make sure you are checking following requirement:

  1. Even your switch/router/firewall is 1000mbps, but you still get less than 500mbps. in this case your router may be not strong enough in term of session which you can not effort to go higher.
  2. Even your network card on your pc/laptop is gigabit, as for understanding. you still need the new generation of computer which is 6th gen from my testing. if you have lower than this then you may only get 400mbps from the test result.
  3. But have window 10 and above.