The ideal alternative to Citrix and Microsoft RDS for remote desktop access and Windows application delivery. Web-enable your legacy apps using Seamless RDP.

Problem you are facing now.

Retail Manager and MYOB

RDP can improve the performance of your MYOB Premier and Accounting, Retail Manager, QuickBooks and many other applications by up to 10 times faster.

The problem:
Database application requiring direct access to the actual data file will slow down significantly as the number of users and the size of the file increases. This is due to the nature of the flat-file database systems. Unfortunately this slowdown is not linear, but seams like an accelerating nature, especially once the datafile grows over the 100MB in size.

The solution:
By moving the datafile and the applications accessing it onto the same physical computer, one can achieve significant improvement in speed and reliability.

We have done tests with 1GB MYOB datafile. The conventional setup where the data sits on the server and the MYOB application running on the client workstation, a particular report took up to 8 minutes to process, having the same datafile on an RDP server running the MYOB application has improved the process significantly and reduced the required time to about 40 seconds.

We also had clients with ongoing corruption issues, especially with MYOB Retail Manager. RM seams to be extremely vulnerable to poor network infrastructure and easily gets corrupted. After moving the system to Remote Desktop technology not only the performance has significantly improved but the database corruption issue has also completely disappeared.

Should your system have stability or speed issues feel free to contact us for advice and help.

How Seamless RDP Works?

Your business applications hosted in your office or cloud server are web-enabled via seamless RDP and HTML5 clients. The system effectively creates concurrent sessions that can be accessed remotely and securely by users on any device and browser.

Universal Printers

Universal Printing allows you to print from anywhere, without having to install any drivers.

Seamless Application

Publish your Windows Applications to deliver them seamlessly to the remote devices.

Remote Access

Web-enable your applications to offer it to your clients. Control how they can access it and more.

Web enable legacy Apps

Extend the life of your legacy Apps by web-enabling them without redeveloping them.

Secure Web Tunnel

Built-in HTTPS web server and SSH server allow you to connect securely from any web browser with SSH tunneling and port forwarding over HTTP and HTTPS.

Remote Desktop Access

Web-enable your applications to offer it to your clients. Control how they can access it and more.